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CHUB Outkast Sleeping Bag

CHUB Outkast Sleeping Bag

Frostbite + Sub 20

The new Frostbite + Sub 20 sleeping bags feature a flexible three layer insulation system with Kevin's ingenious idea of internal heat retaining baffles for complete all season comfort whatever the conditions.

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   Climate Control Baffles
   Hollow Fibre Insulation

Frostbite + Sub 20
All season sleeping bag with extreme capabilities

The Frostbite + Sub 20 uses a super-light, soft, waterproof outer membrane with superior hollow-fill insulation.

In colder conditions you have two upper layers of insulation to keep you warm. In hot weather completely unzip the top layer, leaving you with a cool summer bag.

The Frostbite + Sub 20 is a versatile, all season bag with extreme capabilities – the angler chooses the level of insulation required. Available in standard width and Wide Boy.

   Patented all season flexible three layer system, ensuring you stay warm in cold conditions and cooler in warm weather
   Unique body baffles to reduce bulk, improve insulation and accelerate warming
   Extra roomy dual layers for enhanced comfort and to combat the coldest conditions
   Twin puller heavy duty Ezi-Glide crash zips for fast left or right exit
   Inner webbed baffles to reduce zip snagging
   Zipped pillow pocket (pillow not included)
   Ultra warm thermal micro fleece lining
   End pockets and buckle and webbing strap ensure secure fit on your bedchair
   Underside pockets and webbings to secure to bedchair
   Supplied with compression sack
   Verified in the definitive Carpology Tackle Test as the warmest sleeping bag on the market


We recommend a cold wash in a washing machine or hand washing your sleeping bag. When drying ensure the bag is unzipped allowing maximum airflow and allow plenty of time for bag to fully dry.

€ 99.99

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